A Day Trip

Hey everyone! Today my relatives wanted me to drive them over to Casino and see some relatives. At first I was a bit unsure of myself because I had never actually driven there, but you surprise yourself with what you can do.

I knew roughly where to go, it was just finding the house that was my main concern. Miraculously, I remembered exactly where to go and what landmarks to look out for to get there. The drive into Casino was fairly long though due to someone towing a caravan in front who was doing 80 in a 100 zone. There also was an interesting encounter in Lismore at one of the roundabouts where a tow truck driver thought there was a second lane at the other end of the roundabout, yet realised that wasn’t the case and I had to stop to let him in before causing an accident.

We finally reached our relatives place and the dogs constantly barked until we entered and hugged and greeted everyone. We then chatted about a few dofferent things before having delicious lemon cake and a custard tart with some tea and coffee, I went with the tea.

We spent an hour or so there and finally made the trek back home, which didn’t take as long as it did going there. It was a good day and a good drive out and I surprised myself with how much I remembered direction-wise.

Now I have to check the dishwasher and hang out some washing, house chores never end.

What is something you have done that surprised you? Let me know in the comments below!

Much love, TheLittleCornerDiary x

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