A Crazy World

Hey everyone,

Today, I felt like talking about the crazy world we live in, where we are constantly surrounded and swarmed by social media. It controls most of us, myself included. We all get swept up in it, and sometimes we need a break from it.

Social media is the home of everyone’s highlight reels. We see people hitting the gym, hanging out with friends, eating amazing food, visiting amazing places. But let’s be real here, we all have the side that we don’t like to post about. We have late nights working, forming bags under our eyes, we sometimes don’t always go to the gym and eat bad foods and gain a little weight, some of us have cellulite and pimples and freckles and not a perfect tan or maybe even a non-existent tan, such as myself.

Social media says it’s bad, but, it’s not. It’s what makes you, you. We are human, we are not perfect. At the end of the day we only get one life and we do what makes us happy. So far this year I have been trying to work on myself and love myself, and I am getting there, but I also slip up and have down days, I like chocolate and the bad things that are just so good.

Balance is what it is all about, if you want fitness, fine. You do what works for you, you can eat moderately healthy, exercise and still have your taco Tuesdays. You have to strive to be happy, and be you in a society that constantly judges.

Unfortunately, for most teens and young adults, instagram likes, boys opinions, and not being in a relationship is just some of the things that make us question ourselves and think negatively. Here’s the thing, boys brains don’t mature and develop at the same rate as ours. I have met boys who don’t know what they want and fool around and pretend and string you along for the ride as they figure it out, meanwhile you fall head over heels and they leave you stranded with all these feelings.

Recently, 2 friends of mine had a thing, and the male friend expected me to lie to my friend for him to save him, yet he was in the wrong and he knew it otherwise he wouldn’t lie. She had fallen hard for him, and I could easily see where this was going after my experiences. We both had a feeling he was talking to other girls, he was. It all came out when he asked me for nudes, while she was away on a trip. He didn’t want me to tell her, but I put myself in her position and did the right thing and told her.

When caught in the wrong, they will deny and play victim. I learned that when my ex cheated on me by having phone sex with another girl, I was in denial for so long and decided to believe him but after everything I have seen with my friend, I have seen all the events that unfolded before me last year happen again, and it all rings true.

I feel that a lot of boys don’t respect women as they should, we are still seen as sex objects and not people. Yet, without us, they wouldn’t be here. What happened to chilvary? Now because of social media, it is easier for guys to hide behind a screen and snap a dick pic to send to girls without even asking them first. In public, they would never do that, but social media has given them the power to do so.

I asked my mother the other day while watching a movie if guys ever get that nervous and ever say sweet things and eventually open up to the one they love, her response was only in movies and TV shows. How sad is that?

Admittedly, I believe that there are good guys out there, but there is just so many bad ones that it breaks my heart. It’s honestly tiring physically and mentally when you keep getting used by the wrong one, spending so much time and investing so much into someone who is possibly talking to other girls claiming he is single.

It’s just a crazy world full of instagram likes, heartbreak, and people striving to rise above it all.

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