Complicated Lies

Hi everyone!

I am so sorry I haven’t been active much at all but let me fill you in, last year in September I got myself a boyfriend. Things seemed great for a while until his roommate told me that he was basically cheating. He wanted me to believe him and made it look as if he was the victim and became very defensive. I should have left then, but I decided to put his trust to the test, and stayed.

It was a long distance relationship. After a while 2 months into the relationship the effort stopped, and I could tell something was off. I became more worried that he was definitely sleeping around. In November is when he broke it off with me. Saying how he knew he shouldn’t have jumped into anything knowing he hates long distance and that he was sorry and that I am a lovely young woman and how he would like to see where this leads once his life is back on track. He also mentioned my parents not really liking him, well if it is true love that doesn’t matter is what my mum said. In the breaking up he said to “don’t go thinking I’ve been sleeping around, because I haven’t….” that got me thinking, who says that when breaking up? That made me think he definitely was, and it broke my heart and destroyed me. He said he still wanted to talk though.

A month after breaking up, I was at the beach with a friend of mine who is a guy and hos foot ended up in the picture of the beach. My ex immediately assumed I had moved on. Friends told me he must have been jealous and tried to play it cool. Last night I went out to the movies with another guy friend and we were the only ones in the cinema so I made a post about it, my ex again assumed he must have been my boyfriend. No one else assumed both guys were my boyfriend in either post, only him.

Looking back on that relationship, I felt used. I cried a fair bit, it wasn’t healthy. A few other guys have liked me but decided I am too far away and have found someone else, it hurts a bit but that’s okay, I need to focus on myself anyway for now.

So that is the complicated lies story of a poor relationship. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

Much love, TheLittleCornerDiary x


  1. Where is your ex reading these posts? When someone becomes an ex, especially when trust is broken, I disconnect. It’s not rude, I feel it is necessary …

    Trust is the most important thing I’ve ever had, the saddest thing I’ve ever lost, the saddest I’ve been when someone lost it in me, and the most precious thing to hold close.


    • He’s reading these posts in my sicial media accounts because he still follows me on them. I fear that if I completely cut him off it’ll start something worse if that makes sense, but for now I haven’t been talking to him cause he hasn’t spoken to me even though he wanted to still be a friend, but by friend he might mean someone to use when needed. I’m too nice sometimes which is kinda the problem….but I still value my trust and 100% have started guarding my heart because that pain was excruciating and it was my 3rd heartbreak


      • Facebook and Google+ both provide a lot of flexibility in how you disseminate posts. On FB I have four different trust levels (friend lists) that I use to select the audience for posts – everyone is in the lowest, most are in the second, fewer in the third and only close friends in the top. My default posting is to the top level only, but if its something of a more general nature the audience might be wider – that way I can keep people as friends that I may rarely share a post with – I also typically ‘unfollow’ these people while leaving them as friends. Google+ achieves the same effect with circles. Using these methods and tightening down to almost nothing any public visibility of my content has meant I have never had to block anyone. It only gets tricky if people in a more trusted list talk too much to people in less trusted lists, but so be it …

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