Skincare Routine

Hi everyone!

Recently my skin has decided to blemish and have those classic, unwanted pimples pop up again so I thought I would share with you all the products I use and the routine I follow.



I tried some editing with the photo I took haha, but these are the products I use.

For the morning I will exfoliate my face every second day while I am in the shower. Then because I have to use cold water for the toner, I will rub that on my face after I am showered and dressed, then rinse it off with a facewash and cold water. Then I will use the daily moisturiser after and I am ready for the day.

For the night I will use the toner again, and then simply out on the night repair moisturiser then relax watching YouTube, or reading or on social media.

These products are great for oily skin, and it mentions on the bottles that it is for all skin types. If you are like me and struggle with oily skin I suggest you give the Natio range a try as it clears the skin pretty quickly.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are in the world!

Much love, TheLittleCornerDiary x

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