Conquering the Mind

Hi everyone! I have been pretty busy again hence the lack in posts, trying to get back into fitness, maintaining a relationship and juggling work and family commitments takes up a lot of energy and time pretty quickly.

Last night I was greeted by that classic overthinking. I have been working on it, but we all know we have our bad days where we struggle to have power over our minds. To help me stop overthinking and worrying about problems that aren’t even there, I have been trying to conquer my own mind by pulling myself up on it and telling myself “No, stop. There is no problem here. You are overreacting over nothing. What has happened to make you think like this? Nothing.” I talk to myself in my head which is good because I am acknowledging when my thoughts have taken me to a place I don’t want to be.

I also tend to focus on other things if and when this happens. Such as reading or watching YouTube. If I am overthinking about my relationship, I tell the person and they always reassure me and that lets me know that there is definitely nothing wrong. However, I am trying to not overthink and worry otherwise it’ll turn out messy if I do.

I know a few people who tend to worry and think the worst when it comes to their partner in their relationship and they end up pushing the person away with their constant worrying because they get annoyed and their partner gets sick of it. Whenever I realise I am about to do the same thing I will pull myself up on it and put myself in the other person’s shoes and see how it will look from their perspective and 9 times out of 10, it will be annoying for them.

We always have to be conscious and aware of our thoughts, otherwise we will end up turning into someone we don’t want to be and possibly lose the people we never intended to lose. I know it is hard work, but things that you work on day by day become easier as the time rolls on.

Our minds are a powerful tool and we must use them to our advantage and let our minds know that we run the show, not the other way around. If you notice that you are thinking too many negative things, pull yourself up on it and start looking for the positive in everything you see and do. For example, you might be running late to work and there is out of your control, but at least you got to listen to all the good songs on the radio for once on your way there.

Conquer your mind, and never stop hustling!

Much love, TheLittleCornerDiary x


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