Little Mix Glory Days Concert

Hi everyone! I know I haven’t posted in forever and the concert happened two weeks ago but things have been very hectic since then. But I am here now and ready to tell you all about my weekend away to see Little Mix.

On the Friday morning I headed to my friends house with my suitcase ready for the trip. We chilled for a bit, had a few good laughs, one of them being from me spitting out coffee when I laughed getting it all over her kitchen bench. It reached lunch time and we started to get ready. I changed out of my shorts and car t shirt into black jeans, a grey singlet with some bling on it, and a leather jacket. I straightened my friends hair, luckily her hair is thin otherwise we would have been there a while. We did our make up and were ready for her mum to take us up to Brisbane.

The drive didn’t take long, we had to go to the Gold Coast first to check into the caravan park we were staying at and drop our bags. But we got stuck in some school traffic along the way and had to pick up a script for my friend. My friends mum was also meeting up with her oldest daughter and her kids when we got to the caravan park. We checked in and my friends family liked the room, considering all the fuss that occurred while trying to organise accommodation in the first place. We went over to the bar for drinks and near the bar area was a playground for kids so my friends oldest sister took one of her sons to play on the playground.

We got back to our room and my mum texted me informing me of a bus strike happening. We quickly grabbed our bags and headed up to Brisbane, grabbing some more drinks on the way. We arrived at the entertainment centre and there was so many people. It took a fair amount of time just to drive to the drop off zone too. We were on the ground floor for the concert, so we headed into the right door and went straight down the stairs. We were waiting for a while until a DJ came out to entertain for a bit until Little Mix performed. It was good, we danced and sang and the DJ kept saying Little Mix was next, which they never were until she mentioned that they will be out after these last two songs. They turned the music up louder and Little Mix started performing.

It was good and I had fun with my friend, even though I could kind of see them on stage but not too well thanks to my short height, accidentally touched a few butts but that’s what happens in a mosh pit I guess.

They only went for an hour and a half, but that’s alright. We got back to the room and my friend was complaining about her feet hurting. Beforehand she had asked me about what shoes to wear and she was thinking of wearing boots with a heel. I told her that it is up to her because I don’t know how long she can last in those shoes. She went ahead with wearing them, whereas I wore flat boots and was fine all night.

The next day my friend had to go home early because she wanted to play netball still even though the original plan was that we were going to stay up there all weekend. Anyway, we walked over to the shopping centre and had breakfast which was good and then walked around a little bit and headed back to the room so she could pack her stuff and change into her uniform. She left at 10:30am, so I charged my phone up a bit and headed back over to the shopping centre where I did some shopping on my own for 3 hours. It was nice to shop by myself because I didn’t have to go into shops that someone else wanted to look in. I could go at my own pace. Plus it was a good bit of independence.

I ended up buying 2 shirts, 2 pairs of tights, and some chocolate from Lindt that day I am pretty sure. Then mum came up later that evening to stay with me. On the Sunday we went shopping again and I was tired from all the shopping I did the day before but didn’t complain. I ended up buying a $9 dress from Ally. Oh, I also bought a Little Mix t shirt in a size too big, but that’s alright by me, it’s comfy.

All in all I had a good time, even though there were some mishaps life is like that and it’s all about how we handle what cards we’re dealt with.

I hope you are all having a lovely day/night wherever you are in the world!

Much love, TheLittleCornerDiary x


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