Working, Improving and Challenging

Hi everyone! This past weekend I went on a cadets trip where we were lucky enough to go onto a range and shoot some pretty simple guns. However, when practicing with them the day before they were really stiff because they had never been used before and everyone had some bruises and sore muscles, I had some cuts on my fingers from operating a stiff safety catch.

We had to pass an assessment in order to shoot the next day, and all of us passed and were able to shoot. The next day we woke up at 6am, packed up our bags, cleaned up and headed off to the range. In order to complete the course we had to shoot 10 rounds safely and hit the piece of paper at the end. I hit the paper 3 times on my first go and was fine. However, towards the end of it, my arms were starting to get tired from holding the gun and trying to operate it at the same time. My elbow was also stinging really bad which didn’t help and I also have small arms which didn’t help the situation either. After my second last go at it, I had to stop because of the pain and I went outside and rolled my sleeves up and a friend of mine pointed out that I had taken some skin off of my elbow. I was tired and wanted to go home and wanted my phone back too. But I got called back where they gave me the scout which is a smaller and lighter version and I did my 2 lots of 10 rounds, missed the paper completely but I was fine with that. I managed to shoot those last two without struggling and being in pain and that meant that it was almost time to go home.

I had pushed my limits and done something that I never thought I would be able to do. No matter what happens, always look at the bright side. The staff were telling me to not let it get me down, and I didn’t until they mentioned it a fair bit but I squashed that small hint of frustration down. I’ve also been focusing and working on trying to not overthink and let it get the best of me and so far it is working. Every day I am improving myself and striving to be the best version of me.

If I’m honest with you, I wasn’t too keen for the shooting weekend, but I did it because who knows when I would get a chance to do that ever again. So no matter what, take those chances given to you in life because you never know until you try. Challenge yourself, test your limits because you never truly know what you can do until you start testing yourself and putting yourself out there. It’s your life, so live it and love it the way you want to and you never know, you might just surprise yourself with what you can do.

Much love, TheLittleCornerDiary x


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