Kill ‘Em With Kindness

Hi everyone! I am still reading Lilly Singh’s book and am still loving it and I have nearly finished it. I am currently reading the “Have Values, Not Hobbies” section and Lilly has mentioned bullying and kindness towards people. It made me remember something my dad had told me a while ago about how we all say we are good whenever people ask “How are you?” when greeting each other. We never truly know what another person may be going through and there is no point in wasting energy in being rude and mean to people.

In my opinion, Lilly has strongly made a point about how there are a few people out there who advocate for people who have been bullied and put in all this time and effort towards campaigns against bullying which is amazing, but then go home and scroll through their Facebook feed posting negative comments about a certain celebrity who may have had a wardrobe malfunction or fallen flat on their face. Yes celebrities may seem to be “too busy to worry about that stuff” but they still come across all the negative comments and they do get affected by them.

We spend more time being negative, than positive. Imagine what we could do if we spread positive energy around. Not only would we feel a lot better towards ourselves and everyone else, but it will make everyone feel lighter. Lilly also mentions how when we tend to gossip about someone, we repeat ourselves and the conversation goes on for ages, compared to when we talk positive about someone and comment on the traits we like about them.

Being kind doesn’t cost us anything, so why do we tend to point out the negative traits about someone? On Instagram you see people create the perfect life, as Lilly calls it, their “highlight reel”. We all post a great selfie with the perfect lighting and our make up on point, and when we go on vacation we post pictures of the pool or the beach or our bikini-ready bodies. But we all have our reality behind the highlight reel. We all have those days where we can’t be bothered putting on make up and leave the house with your natural face, for most of the year we’re working and tiring ourselves out trying to meet deadlines and we don’t always exercise and end up eating things that we shouldn’t, but that is life.

Instead of judging negatively and comparing your life to someone else’s highlight reel, remember that we are all human and we experience the same things a lot of the time, because like Hannah Montana sang all those years ago, nobody’s perfect! And whenever you come across someone new or different, follow Selena Gomez’s words and kill ’em with kindness because life is too short to kill ’em with negativity!

Much love, TheLittleCornerDiary x


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