Being a Bawse!

Hi everyone! Again, I apologise for not uploading much, I have been given a lot of work and some drama has been going down on Gilmore Girls. I know that’s not a good reason, but hey we can all relate.

Today I had some work that I got done and out of the way and mum and I went shopping because we desparately needed food in the house. While we were out, mum went and got a half an hour massage and I walked around the shops and bought myself How To Be a Bawse by Lilly Singh and Ed Sheeran’s Divide album, oh and a cup of coffee to keep me going.

I have started reading Lilly’s book and it is amazing so far! Her tips are amazing and I am finding that I have already applied a few of her tips to my life already with the way I have approached certain obstacles in my life, and how I have learned to not only survive life but conquer it as well!


For anyone who hasn’t yet read or bought the book I highly suggest you do! I haven’t reached halfway through yet and I am already loving it. I also can’t wait to get my license and pump the Ed Sheeran tunes while driving around, even though that’s still gonna take a while.

I am also proud to mention that so far I have been sticking to the gym work and I haven’t given up yet, I may have had a few days off, but I only allow myself one day off each week and get back into it the next day! My self-control has become much stronger, as well as my actual muscles are slowly becoming stronger too.

I hope all of you awesome people out there are being a Bawse too, and are not only surviving, but conquering your lives!

Much love, TheLittleCornerDiary x



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