Big Day Out

Hi everyone! Yesterday my mum, nan and I went up to the Gold Coast for an appointment my nan had for her ears to be cleaned at an ear cleaning clinic. The drive up wasn’t too bad, it was about an hour drive and I was reading the map in the backseat to help find out how to get there. We were on the right track and in the right street, but we thought because it is a clinic that it might be in a skyscraper building. Mum pulled in a side street to turn around and head back down the street before we went farther than where we wanted to go. I hopped out of the car to walk down tbe street to find it and I did find it, but it wasn’t where we thought it would be. It was a building of its own in between an adult boutique and a phone repair shop.

Thelady was really nice at the clinic and it only took a few minutes for her to clean out my nan’s ears. It was lunch time and we were all pretty hungry and I was searching places to eat around the area on my phone. There was a restaurant called Sizzler’s that used to be everywhere in the state I live in, until a few of them had to shut down. It has a menu where you can order your steak to how you like it to be cooked and a few other things. You can also purchase a buffet where you can either go once or you can go to the buffet multiple times. We ordered our food, and while we waited, mum and I got drinks and some pumpkin soup to start off with. They also served us some French toast beforehand. I ordered some garlic prawns for lunch with chips and some salad, my nan had a lamb shank with baked potato and mushroom sauce, and my mum had a steak with a baked potato and gravy.


Mum also got some potato bake and a variety of salads from the buffet. For our drinks, mum and I had lemon lime and bitters and my nan had a long black coffee which we could get ourselves from the buffet. I also had a taco and some pasta with Alfredo sauce whoch was good. For dessert my nan had butter bread pudding and mum and I shared an apple crumble which was also up for grabs at the buffet. Mum and I were pretty full, but nan managed to keep eating, she even had some apple crumble as well!

After our 3 hour lunch, we got in the car and decided to drive to Harbour Town and see the place where I am staying in later this month with a friend. I entered the place into Google maps and we got there fine. The place looked really nice and the room we’re staying in isn’t too far from the spa and bistro which is always a good thing. We also went to the shopping centre where mum bought a car charger for her phone.

We decided to make our way back home, but the car decided to play up due to some dirty fuel and mum ended up missing the exit we were supposed to take. We continued on the road we were on, and it didn’t take long to find a place to turn around and head back. We dropped nan off home in time for her carer’s to give her medication and her meal (which I don’t think she would have eaten after our big lunch) and finally got home. I was tired and ready for bed, and glad that there was no work waiting for me.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my interesting day yesterday, it has been years since I have gone to the Gold Coast with family and I know I enjoyed it!

Much love, TheLittleCornerDiary x

(Twitter: @corner_diary)


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