Happiness and Limits

Hi everyone! Recently I have been feeling a lot more energetic and happy due to the magical powers of exercise. Although, sometimes there are certain things that can lower our happiness. Certain people or events push our limits and we end up feeling not so happy.

For example, I had a bit of a bad sleep last night and this morning at 7.30am my friend decided to message me about a course her mum wants her to do. I am still asleep at that time and she knows that, but still hasn’t learned how to respect other people’s privacy and love of sleep. A lot of us have heard the classic Messenger notification sound and hearing that when you are asleep isn’t nice. It woke me up and I struggled to get back to sleep as she constantly kept sending me messages. I remember my mum always taught me about phone etiquette and what the best times are to call someone. The same thing should apply to messaging with all the notifications that come along with them, including texts. No one likes to be woken up while they are asleep by their phone going off with a message that involves a matter that can be discussed later.

Sure the gym today helped give me energy and made me feel more happy, but after finishing some work and my energy has worn off, the tiredness of a bad night’s sleep, plus being woken earlier than needed, doesn’t help when you prefer to feel happy. Some of you will probably read this and think “Why doesn’t she tell her friend not to message her at that time?” I have, and she is the type of person that doesn’t understand personal limits and how to respect the things I have asked of her.

She is not the only person who messes with my happiness a bit, but my mum and grandmother do as well. My grandmother has dementia and my mum is tossing between two businesses as well as trying to make sure my grandmother gets the right care she needs. She brings me along to the meetings of carers where they discuss the care packages and change in laws and what it all entails. She also takes me to grandma’s house when she ends up losing important items and I have to dig through the house to find it, which I usually do all the time. We spend hours there and it’s always the same thing every time and it is mentally draining. My mum also tends to talk about one of the businesses more than the other and it drives myself and dad insane. It’s pretty much all she talks about now because there really is nothing else happening in her life except the businesses and my grandmother.

The trip away I had was good because I got to see family that I don’t get to see often and I had a break from my usual life and had a sneak peek into a life I could potentially have there. I have been considering moving there, but that will probably be a few years down the track when I have more of a solid idea on what I want to do and everything else. Despite all the previous things I have mentioned above that push my limits, I have been putting myself first and making sure that I am happy before making others happy. In a previous post I made a while back I mentioned Ed Sheeran’s Save Myself and that really opened up my eyes as to what I was doing and that is where I made the shift in where I wanted to be and where I was currently at with my state of mind.

Happiness is a great thing to have and you feel lighter when you are happy, and not so gloomy when you are sad and angry using up all of your energy thinking about the negative things happening in your life. Everyone has bad things happen to them, but it is all how we deal with them and approach the challenges that face us. I can’t control what is happening with my grandma or what time my friend messages me in the morning, so I groan about it a little bit, get up and move on with my life.

And in other news there is currently some goats making their way closer to the highway so a few phone calls have been made, resulting in a bit of an entertaining afternoon. I hope you enjoyed my little rant, I know I feel better getting it out!

Hope you are all having a wonderful day/night wherever you are in the big wide world!

Much love, TheLittleCornerDiary x


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